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Together, we'll operate ethically and focus on exceeding our customers' expectations to fulfil your automotive needs.

Why Choose Us?

XL Motor Trading is one of Singapore’s pre-owned car dealers. With years of experience and wide commercial vehicles to select from, XL Motor listens and offers recommendations for your industrial needs.

With a proven track record of serving satisfied clients, our well-versed sales representatives understand different industry automobile requirements and are able to advise on any automotive-related matters.

Why Buy Commercial Vehicles From Us ?

* Our Commercial Vehicles are inspected and suitable for any kind of business

* We deal with trucks and commercial vehicles keeping in mind fuel efficiency. 

* Our commercial vehicles are highly affordable (cheap) to run and maintain. 

* Our vehicles can allow easy loading and unloading.

* We have low insurance plans for your budget limit. 

* Our vehicles can be installed with additional accessories if needed such as anti-theft alarm, security locks , steering wheel lock and GPS tracking device.

Of course, a new commercial vehicle is somewhat more expensive than pre-owned commercial vehicles. You also have to bear in mind the cost to buy a Certificate of Entitlement (COE) is highly expensive in Singapore. Nevertheless, there are good advantages to getting a new commercial vehicle. Since commercial vehicles are meant to last long (10 years minimum), you should be able to get many years’ worth of use. The important thing is  that your vehicle can be used for travelling great distances—possibly including long trips up and down the Malaysia highways. 

Why Buy A New Commercial Vehicle Such As A Truck?

Remember this, if you’re thinking of buying a used commercial vehicle. A thorough examination is necessary; while some vehicles are inexpensive, long-lasting, and reliable, there is some risk involved, and there is a chance that you may end up squandering your money. Many consumers who purchase second-hand vehicles have poorer experiences. Although the mileage could give you an idea of how well it’s been used, you should always perform a full inspection on any used business vehicle before making a purchase.  Set a maximum price for yourself before you purchase a commercial vehicle to avoid going over your budget. If you are unsure, just drop us a WhatsApp message using the floating WhatsApp button. We will be in touch within minutes!

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